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Trying to get everything to shine through the mix with definition and clarity is a challenge. Low end muddiness and overlapping frequencies make creating space and separation hard but with a few simple EQ tricks under your belt, you'll be mixing like a pro in no time!

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Download the "How To Create Clarity and Separation in a Busy Mix" EQ guide and learn:

  • Easy 6-step guide how to find and remove annoying frequencies using the plugins you already have
  • Instantly fix your flabby low-mid build up for clearer, more focused mixes that sound great on any device
  • Get rid of muddiness for a punchy, powerful low end with the kick and bass each occupying their own spaces

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I'm a BBC and SAE trained professional sound engineer and I've been recording and mixing music since the mid-90s both in professional studios and home studios.

If you’re looking to finally understand what it takes to get great sounding mixes out of your home studio, then you’re going to love how I keep things honest and straightforward by giving you step by step guidance, straight to the point and without the overwhelm.


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