Indie-Rock Mixing Deep Dive: Start To Finish


Experience the mindset needed to produce pro-level indie-rock music mixes without the analysis paralysis that currently cripples your mixes in this 10.5 hour mixing masterclass.
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You've seen plenty of the mixing how to's, now get the why's

There are endless videos online that give you the "how to" approach but few go into the reasons why in such an in-depth way, especially when mixing a song from start to finish. My coaching students tell me regularly that they want to get into my head to understand the thought processes that go into the decisions made behind every mix move, and that's what I've captured here for you to experience.

An over the shoulder look at how a pro mixes a song...

This is like the internship you never had. Each process is explained as if you are in the studio with Sara. Get the "warts and all" insight into a mixing session, so that you can see that even the pro's don't get it right the first time.

Discovering the "why's" will fill you with the a-ha moments that you've been missing so far on your journey as a mixing engineer or music producer.

Introducing: Simply Mixing Indie-Rock Masterclass with Sara Carter


EQ, compression, distortion, saturation and parallel processing


In-depth coverage of the automation process, building emotion, dynamics and energy


Choosing the best effects for the song, reverb and delay, modulating effects, create depth and movement

Here's how this masterclass will help you: 

  • Ask the right questions to make mixing decisions faster
  • Stop over using plugins
  • Accept that¬†you don't have to get everything perfect, to create a pro sounding mix¬†
  • Stop the overthinking¬†of plugin parameter settings and¬†applying EQ
  • Working with tracks recorded in a home studio rather than a pro studio
  • Develop your listening skills and learn what "trust your ears" means to you

Join me in this masterclass today

Stop watching "how to" videos and discover the "why" to finally get the insight towards the mixing mindset of the pro's.

You'll get the multi-track WAV files from the session to practise with in your own DAW.

I will take you through 22 lessons, showing you how to mix drums, bass, guitars and vocals. How to use reference tracks, print multiple mixes at the same time and more...

Nothing is glossed over or skipped like you often find with shorter, cheaper courses.

Lifetime access to the course materials.

Lessons all downloadable for offline learning.

Gain clarity and focus, not only in your mixes but also in your mind.



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