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Simply Mixing Indie-Rock Masterclass

Join Sara's indie-rock mixing masterclass to help you get over your struggles with creating professional sounding mixes!

What you'll get:

  • 22 video lessons (10.5 hours total) revealing the thought processes behind every decision a pro mix engineer makes
  • Experience the step by step workflow from start to finish
  • Download the multi tracks for free to mix for yourself, resume approved
  • Start to finish mix training including; drums, bass, guitars and a lead vocal
  • Advanced techniques like parallel compression and multi band compression
  • Learn how to create a 3D mix using analog saturation and harmonic distortion plugins
  • Full automation deep dive
  • An in-the-box only mix process using stock and 3rd party plugins
  • Certificate of completion showing the completed hours of training 
  • So much more!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that the lessons in this course will provide you with valuable technical instruction and insight to help you succeed in your personal satisfaction as a mixer. If within 30 days of purchase, you don’t feel that this training was worth the investment, simply email me and I’ll refund your purchase in full – no questions asked.