All The Help You Need To Build Your Mixing Skills With 1-On-1 Coaching

My private 6 month coaching program is currently full. I open up this opportunity twice a year to a handful of people and occasionally offer additional spaces as time allows. Click the button below to get on the waitlist for direct access to my help for 6 months.

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1-2-1 Sessions

Working on a recent mix, we share screens and audio over HQ video and audio, using Sessionwire, the best collaboration tool for musicians. No purchase necessary, I've got you covered.

Troubleshoot Your Mix

Work through problems in realtime as we dive deep into your DAW sessions to come up with solutions that make sense to you and your workflow.

Business or Pleasure

Mixing as a hobby or a new business venture? I can help you organise your recording studio with systems and marketing advice to help you find more clients.

Hands on Help

Each coaching call is 90 mins long and in that time we will share our DAW screens and mixes to open up discussion on a variety of topics. I'll give specific help and advice on one of your mixes and guide you in realtime through any problems you faced and offer a variety new techniques. Calls are recorded for you to watch anytime.

Feedback & Advice

Included in the 6 month package is unlimited email coaching. No need to wait for a monthly coaching call. Send your questions and latest mixes for my offline feedback. Help is always on hand over the duration of the 6 months. Leverage my experience and get my honest feedback, nothing held back!

What my students say...

Steve P.

‚ÄúSara Carter is a wonderful teacher and coach. She cares about what you are trying to achieve and shapes her coaching around that. Besides that, she is a pleasure to work with. Kind of like working with a trusted friend. I highly recommend her!‚ÄĚ

David E.

"These coaching calls have transformed my mixing!  The one-on-one aspect has been really helpful to me, often catered to my specific need or issue depending on the mix I’m working on.

I’d recommend the coaching to anyone, beginner or otherwise, who is unsure of their abilities, a little lost and needs steering in the right direction!"

Justin H.

"Honestly, this coaching works for engineers at any level. I feel like you provide excellent explanations and suggestions no matter the mix, level or genre. As a coach, one area where you really stand out is your ability to explain why you are doing certain tasks within the mixing process. I often feel tutorials brush over such things assuming it is common knowledge".

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Stop wandering YouTube to find your answers. Get the help you need on a series of live calls. Getting help from a single mentor will stop the confusion, give you a methodology and above all, clarity.

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