Mix Feedback - Professional Mixing Advice And Training.

As a self producing musician, getting your mix to sound professional at home is difficult. It’s also hard to get quality feedback on your track. The problem with the feedback you’re getting is that everyone hears different things. You can’t be sure if you’re learning from constructive criticism or just being told what you want to hear. What if you could get a fresh set of ears on your mix? No ego, just someone who knows what they’re doing telling you what they think based on years of experience as a professional audio engineer?

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How Does Mix Feedback Work?


Send Your Mix

Upload your stereo mix and I'll listen in my studio and reference headphones to make a few notes on what I think are the highlights, as well as any areas that need work and how to fix them. 

Tell Me About The Mix

Summarise your session workflow, the vibe you were going for and the intention for this track. Tell me what you're hoping to get out of this experience.

Pick Your Own Adventure

Do you need basic guidance from a fresh set of experienced ears or more personalised, detailed feedback, all captured on video and with high-res audio to download?

Are You Ready For The Honest Truth About Your Mix?

With better advice you can create better mixes and when that advice is given on mixes you've produced on your own equipment from your own home studio, then your mixes will come on in leaps and bounds rather than baby steps.

mix feedback from a professional music producer

If It Sounds Good, It Is Good. (Really?)

Failing the car test? Tedious isn't it? That last mix tweak made your mix sound worse, now what?! It sounded good in the studio. There's a difference between hearing and listening and after 25 years of critical listening and then mixing to the BBC's high standards, I'm in a unique position to teach you how to critique your own mixes and stop doing that dreaded car test! After taking your mix through its paces, I use a reference song to show you where your mix might need some revisions. Think of it as a personal Masterclass in referencing!

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Choose how detailed you'd like your mix feedback to be. All levels catered for, from a simple email to a full-on 1-2-1 mix consultation.

Simply Mix Feedback


One Time Fee

  • Expert ears on your mix
  • Constructive feedback covering; EQ, effects, automation, panning and level balance
  • Your mix questions answered
  • Find out if your mix is ready for mastering
  • Email only, no mix re-submissions

Mix Consultation Video


One Time Fee

  • All from Simply Mix Feedback, plus:
  • Downloadable HD video recording of the full consultation
  • Watch Sara work through issues and give practical advice in real time
  • Over 20 mins spent suggesting fixes or new ideas to take your mix up a notch
  • Re-submit your revised mix for a final emailed appraisal

1-2-1 Mix Consultation


One Time Fee

  • Private 1hr video call with Sara
  • Open your mixing session and work through problems in your mix - in real time
  • Ask as many questions as you like
  • Direct, hands-on guidance from Sara
  • Learn Sara's top mixing tips as they relate to YOUR mix
  • Full mix appraisal before the call to make the most of our time together
  • Call made using the best collaboration tool for musicians: Sessionwire (no purchase needed, I've got you covered!)

What People Are Saying

Mark Ross

Sara is an amazing audio engineering coach. She reviewed one of my mixes, offered incredible suggestions, and really improved the overall sound. I'm learning so much from her. Don't miss the opportunity to work with her.

Mark A. Ross, Ph.D. Music Composer

Luke W.

Thanks for the video Sara, I feel a whole heap more confident about the track. I like your suggestions regarding eq (simple moves but quite a difference). I got a tear in my eye from your feedback.

Luke W. Musician, Dad