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How To Download Free Multitracks (For Mixing Practice)

mixing Feb 14, 2020

To get better at mixing it makes sense to practice.

Building in time for intentional practice will see our mixing skills come on in leaps and bounds.

Even just 15 mins of “intentional” practice can help take us from average to great quicker than just aimlessly noodling around for a couple of hours.

So what do I mean when I say “intentional practice”?

Well, by recognising and committing to practising in our weakest areas, we are focused on exactly where we need to improve and can target those areas by repeatedly going over and over our chosen weak spot until we get the result we are after.

Practising at the peak of our ability and then adding a new task that is just outside our skill level and repeating it is the best way to structure your intentional practice sessions. By doing this, that 15 or 30 min practise session really accelerates our skillset as a mixer or musician.

So YAY! for practice, now, you just need some multitrack files to practice with.

If you don’t record full bands in your home studio then you might be struggling to find new and inspiring music to mix.

Well, luckily for us there are some excellent websites out there where you can get hold of both free and paid multitrack files to mix.

In this video, I’m going to go over my favourite sites for mixing multitracks that can be downloaded free to use for your mixing practise and I also cover the best paid sources for multitracks where you can use their files to build up your resume if you are trying to start your own online studio business.

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