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How To Use Mid Side EQ When Mixing

clarity eq equalization mixing Jul 09, 2021


A very powerful, yet often confusing EQ technique, mid side processing is a tool you can use to create clarity and separation when mixing. Mid side EQ processes the stereo field differently to a regular stereo EQ and allows you to adjust frequencies in the centre of a stereo track independently of the sides.

In this video I explain exactly what mid side EQ is and demonstrate how you can use it to clean up the mid range to bring more clarity and definition to instruments without boosting the faders which might otherwise result in the mix getting too loud and creating distortion.

Not just reserved for mastering engineers, mixing engineers and music producers can use it too!

Mid Side EQ is one of those mixing topics that you explore usually once you've got a handle on using regular EQ. It's a pretty powerful EQ technique that tends to be associated more with mastering than mixing. It can be confusing initially. So in this video, I'm going to explain exactly what Mid Side EQ is and how to use it to bring separation and clarity to the mid-range in a busy mix.

I've been putting together some mixing courses to help beginners get to grips with EQ compression and effects, in a kind of mixing basics series.

The courses, I'm very excited to say, will be available soon on the Pro Mix Academy platform and the video is a lesson taken directly from Module three of the EQ course.

What exactly is Mid side EQ? Well, it separates stereo in a different way to the traditional left right. Mid represents everything in the centre of the stereo field, side represents everything in the left right, but excluding the centre mid information. And this gives us the opportunity to EQ just the centre information or just the side information, and this helps us get a clean, tight, low end or give a mix more width.

Watch the video for the full tutorial! 


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How To Create Clarity And Separation In A Busy Mix

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