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Mixing Kick and Bass (for a tight low end mix)

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020

Mixing kick and bass seem to be one of those always talked about mixing topics that never seem to satisfy!

I think it’s because mixing is just so subjective and a lot of mixing decisions come down to taste rather than technique. And it’s true, you never stop learning so seeking out ways to get better at mixing usually involves working with the low end somehow.

But subjectivity aside, what about low end mixing mistakes?

Well, the low end is where you can easily get it wrong and you can’t get away with “it’s a taste thing”.

Too much going on in the low end of a mix is a telltale sign of inexperience or a bad, or unfamiliar listening environment.

Mixing kick and bass is something I get asked about a lot and I’ve explained in blog posts and the written word but I’ve never done a video, until now!

Many have asked about my approach and in this weeks video, you’ll get to see inside one of my most recent Pro Tools sessions where I go through the plugins I’ve used on the drums, bass and guitars and the reasons why I used them.

I touch on compression and parallel compression and the impact that has on the low end and I’ll also cover how to know when you’ve got too much or not enough in your low-end mix.

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