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What Is Compression In music? (Compression explained)

Beginners to mixing music often ask, what is compression in music?


It can be a hard concept to grasp when you’re first starting out so, in this video, I wanted to explain what compressors do in music by taking a step back and explaining the concept of compression and why we use it and then show a few basic examples on vocals, snare and kick drum.


This video is not so much about compressor settings but more about the mindset and concept of compression explained.

Compression Explained

It’s a tricky technique to grasp and can take a long time to master but by understanding what a compressor does to music, how it controls the dynamics and changes the tone, then we can apply it with more understanding and creativity.


Explaining compression is easy on the face of it, it’s a simple piece of equipment but understanding how we can use it in a musical way takes a little more practice.


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