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How To Hire And Send Tracks To A Pro Mixing Engineer

mixing reference tracks Feb 19, 2021

You’ve saved up some cash and want to hire a mix engineer for your next project. You’ve always wanted to hire a professional mix engineer but feel a bit daunted about what to send to them and how the whole process works.



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Mixing Your Own Music - 10 Tips for Mixing Faster and Keeping Objectivity

When you’ve written, recorded and produced a song it should be easy to mix, right? Well, no. Often, for some reason, it’s harder to mix your own music instead of somebody else's. 


Why is that? Well, in this video I have 10...

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Using Reference Tracks For Mixing (so your mixes sound great everywhere!)

mixing reference tracks Feb 28, 2020

Using reference tracks can be an incredibly useful way of checking your mix for mistakes before you call it done.

Nothing is worse than after spending hours on a mix, pondering over every move and finally having it sound great in your studio, to...

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