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Audio Compressor Types Explained: VCA, FET, Optical & Vari-Mu

beginners compression Aug 05, 2021

The Four Main Types Of Audio Compressor

There are four main compression types that will most likely sound familiar to you as soon as you begin using a compressor in music production.

  • VCA
  • FET
  • Optical
  • Vari-Mu

What do they all stand for and...

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Best Mixing Plugins For Beginners (2021)

beginners mixing Apr 02, 2021

Which plugins are best for mixing and mastering in 2021?

Having a good set of basic plugins to call on makes mixing and mastering music so much more fun and rewarding when you can quickly get the best sounds for your mix with the minimum...

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Mixing Your Own Music - 10 Tips for Mixing Faster and Keeping Objectivity

When you’ve written, recorded and produced a song it should be easy to mix, right? Well, no. Often, for some reason, it’s harder to mix your own music instead of somebody else's. 


Why is that? Well, in this video I have 10...

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Mixing Vs Mastering Explained (For Beginners)

beginners mastering mixing May 08, 2020

Mixing and mastering often get blended into one but they are quite different and each play their own part in creating a song that sounds it’s best for release.

Both use similar tools and equipment but the goals for each process are quite...

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Mixing Mistakes To Avoid - The 5 Top Mistakes

beginners effects eq mixing Feb 07, 2020


I get asked regularly to critique peoples mixes and I love doing so because it gives me an excuse to listen to more music and talk to people with a similar interest and actually help them at the same time.

What it has also given me is a...

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