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Delay Effect Explained For Beginners

beginner delay effects Oct 20, 2021

Delay Explained - Mixing With Effects

The delay effect in music production is one of the main creative tools of the trade. In this introduction to delay video I explain the types and styles of the delay effect (analog vs digital etc) and explain...

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What Is Reverb In Music? A Beginners Guide

beginner effects reverb Jul 25, 2021

What is reverb in music?

Some people enjoy mixing with huge amounts of reverb, others prefer having just a touch of it. 

One of the great things about mixing with reverb is that it lets you beat the sonic limitations of a home studio.


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Mixing Mistakes To Avoid - The 5 Top Mistakes

beginners effects eq mixing Feb 07, 2020


I get asked regularly to critique peoples mixes and I love doing so because it gives me an excuse to listen to more music and talk to people with a similar interest and actually help them at the same time.

What it has also given me is a...

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