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How to Remove Noise from Vocals

More and more tools are coming onto the market to help you remove background noise from audio and the ERA5 by Accusonus makes it so easy to simply make your voice sound better!


Mic hiss and hum that find their way into an audio recording...

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Gain Staging Made Easy With A VU Meter

I one of my subscribers asked me how I use a VU meter on the kick and bass when gain staging a mix, to ensure not only a balanced low end to build the rest of the mix on but also that the final mix is perfectly placed for mastering and uploading...

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Top 10 Plugins for Mixing and Mastering in 2020

mastering mixing plugins Mar 28, 2020

Which plugins are best for mixing and mastering in 2020?

Check out my top 10 plugin picks for this year to help you decide.

So many plugins, so little time!! 

In this video, I’m recommending my top 10 plugin choices to you to use...

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