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Mixing Vs Mastering Explained (For Beginners)

beginners mastering mixing May 08, 2020

Mixing and mastering often get blended into one but they are quite different and each play their own part in creating a song that sounds it’s best for release.

Both use similar tools and equipment but the goals for each process are quite...

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Top 10 Plugins for Mixing and Mastering in 2020

mastering mixing plugins Mar 28, 2020

Which plugins are best for mixing and mastering in 2020?

Check out my top 10 plugin picks for this year to help you decide.

So many plugins, so little time!! 

In this video, I’m recommending my top 10 plugin choices to you to use...

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Gullfoss EQ Plugin - Do Automatic EQ Plugins Really Work?

eq giveaway mastering mixing Mar 20, 2020

Automatic equalization sounds like a time saving no brainer but can the intelligent equalizer called Gullfoss really do as good a job as our ears? 

>>> Scroll down and to see if you are one of the two lucky winners of my...

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